Photographer, violinist, avid hiker, occasional writer, former triathlete, and all around outdoor lover – but afraid of sharks and mountain lions. I’ll throw in brown bears and angry cows for good measure, too. The Yankee husband keeps me grounded and the two cats – House Monster and Shitty Kitty – provide comic relief. Living with lupus, but half the time I give my illness the middle finger. The other half…? This blog is my creative outlet for whatever situation arises. Most of the photographs are mine, and writing content too. But if I see something super inspiring, well – I’ll share that too. I love sushi, good beer, trashy television when I’m sick, early morning runs along the PCH when healthy, seeing people do something nice even when they think no one is looking, finding survey markers, peak bagging, Bainbridge Island, and I have the best friends and family a girl could ask for.

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    • PS. I have a friend with Lupus – hated being on the Prednisone; I pointed her in the direction of the Paleo Solution – a very interesting read on nutrition and one I have adopted this year…anyway, my friend has lost weight and is feeling really good…though it doesn’t sound like your lupus is slowing you down too much!

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